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  MYSTIC GRIZZLY – A NEW EXISTENCE [BASSRUSH RECORDS]     In the realms of the unknown, honing in on the sonic weirdness that this artists centralizes on, a portal opens from the label Bassrush Records spearheaded by Mystic Grizzly. Featuring three tracks of groundbreaking, ceiling-shattering bass music, this mastermind is just getting started. With a unique approach that highlights an undiscovered territory through space and time, the musical foundation it resides in collides with an imaginative galaxy of uncharted talent. The result being this amazing collection of production.   With each track characterizing a different parallel of the artists creative prowess, this is sure to turn heads with each new listen near and far. Releases like these are important. It grants the users an imagery for them to translate within their own imagination, sonically connecting in its own signature way to each individual that listens to it. The personal diversifying connection that develops with tracks like this, is unmatched. This is big.   You can purchase the entire EP here:  ” - SHANE ARMIJO


MYSTIC GRIZZLY BRINGS ‘A NEW EXISTENCE’ EP TO BASSRUSH RECORDS [STREAM] When it comes to left-field bass, Mystic Grizzly has quickly become a CE favorite underground artist. Since the release of his Satellite Work long-player, which we featured on our Rising Bass Spotlight back in May, the Florida-residing artist has been building a movement around his raunchy blend of psychedelic grime, psybass, glitch hop, and world-influenced tribal beats.   It seems Insomniac has also caught wind of the experimental bass producer’s penchant for barrelling production. The powerhouse brand’s offshoot bass music label, Bassrush Records, has picked up Mystic Grizzly for a brand new three-track EP that knows no sonic bounds. Enter: A New Existence, a budding short-form project that breaks the low-frequency sound barrier as Mystic Grizzly explores new dimensions of time, space, and thought.   From the uptempo trip-hop stylings of “Golden Age,” with its new-age spiritualist vocal samples, to the space-laced synths and alien noises of “Eradication,” all the way up to the EP’s apocalyptic closing track, “A New Existence,” the entire EP is a highly-energized journey into glitched-out breakbeat terrains that are nothing of this earth. A New Existence provides a stark contrast to Mystic Grizzly’s last release, which explores calmer tribal landscapes and mystical downtempo textures, offering more grounding evidence of his knack for doling out truly diversified bass flavors.   ” - RYAN MORSE

MIDWEEK MANTRA MIX 020: MYSTIC GRIZZLY RAISES THE EARTH’S COLLECTIVE VIBRATION ON ‘THE MANIFEST GANG MIXTAPE’   Wednesday is humpday, which not only marks the halfway point between the work week and the coveted weekend, but also Conscious Electronic’s Midweek Mantra Mix (M3). We’ve been scouring the web’s most enlightening bass music mixes that align with our vision, to provide “a conscious way to consume dance music.” M3 spotlights both veteran and up-and-coming bass music artists whose music seeks to raise the vibrations of their collective listener base.   The world of psychedelic, freeform bass music is expanding at a rapid rate. Producers who combine a New Age spirituality with their love for musical experimentation are beginning to command a noticeable amount of space on festival lineups and record label rosters. Moving beyond the typical party DJ culture that can be seen on huge stages across the world, many artists in this nascent subgenre are often found imploring their listeners to become the embodiment of compassion and conscious thought, rather than mindless hedonism.   Mystic Grizzly is one such producer. Making a name for himself with a combination of alien sound design, heavy bass, and positive vibrations, the Fort Lauderdale native has become a force in this corner of electronic music. Equal parts innovative and prolific, his most recent EP, A New Existence, set the bar high for what to expect from the young artist. The genre-blurring EP was released just months after his full-length album, Satellite Work, offering further evidence to Mystic Grizzly’s work ethic and his penchant for diverse bass collections.   Last year, he released an entirely original mix of tunes that spans nearly 40 minutes, offering an impressive display of his ability to tell stories with sound. Peppered with the sound of nature, ancient instruments, creative electronic sounds, and inspirational quotes, “The Manifest Gang Mixtape – Vol. 1: Certified Wizard” is an excellent exploration of a new way forward in electronic music. The vocal sample that kicks off the mix perfectly encapsulates Mystic Grizzly’s values:   “At this very moment in time, you are experiencing the collective shift in human consciousness and are a part of a global mission to raise the Earth’s vibration. Our true essence is of love and light. Realize that you are the center of your own universe and within you lies all of Life’s ancient wisdom and knowledge. All of human life is unified through the vibration of Love……Love is the highest frequency on Earth, it is our purest truth, and with the intention held in your heart, you have unlocked the infinite power to create all that you desire”     Mystic Grizzly goes on to describe what it takes to be a part of Manifest Gang, his group of followers who are setting out to elevate the Earth’s vibration: supporting each other’s goals, speaking positive affirmations, meditation, hard work, full moon celebrations, and more. Rarely do producers have such a clear and uplifting manifesto of the things they would like themselves and their fans to embrace in this life. His open promotion and celebration of this set of values make this mix a natural choice for this week’s MMM.         ” - COLIN ROGERS

INTERVIEW WITH JORDAN HOFFMAN: MYSTIC GRIZZLY IS HERE TO HEAL THE WORLD One listen to Mystic Grizzly’s A New Existence EP on Bassrush Records and we’re convinced the twenty-two-year-old is an old soul sent here from another dimension. Dropping interstellar bass vibes that have us feeling all kinds of ways, the experimental edges of the music that Mystic Grizzly is kicking never seem to neglect the dance floor at the core as the uncontrollable urge to start moving your body is built into each and every tune.   Having come up with the quickness, the psychedelic space bass sprinkled with tribal glitch and grime that Mystic Grizzly is quickly becoming known for is carefully crafted with the intention of delivering “a one of a kind, mystical experience.” Even stripped of the spirituality at the core the music is pure synapse-twisting, face-melting sickness. Mixing eclectic atmospheres with haunted otherworldly dreamscapes on the top end, the bottom end is pure dance floor fire designed to crush with the best of them.   With his A New Existence EP debuting on Bassrush Records recently, what better time to check the head space of one of the most exciting acts to emerge in 2019? From the evolution of his own artistic vision to the ongoing evolution of his soul and intentions on shifting the energy of the planet, the wide-ranging conversation we had with Mystic Grizzly is inspiring on multiple levels and planes.   Be sure to stream/download your copy of the EP here and prepare for a deep dive into the mind of Mystic Grizzly below. I know you’ve got some deep musical roots on the guitar and ukulele tip. Give us a sense of what young blood Jordan was rocking out and at what point that turned towards an interest in production and electronic music in general. I grew up my entire life in the same house in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Most people in my family played an instrument and so my parents really encouraged me to learn an instrument at an early age. I started taking guitar lessons at age 10 or 11 and ended up falling in love with it immediately and sticking with it all the way until today. I grew up by the beach and was always influenced by its culture so I went ahead and bought a ukulele a few years ago and fell in love with that as well.   In middle school, one of my friends showed me Skrillex. I had never heard anything like it ever. I ended up shedding a tear of happiness when I listened to Skrillex’s “Cinema” remix for the first time because it was the coolest, gnarliest sounding music to ever cross my ears. I was also very into heavy metal at the time, so it was like an electronic version of heavy metal with all these crazy monster sounds, which I was super into. My life changed at that moment!   My first electronic show ever was a Circus Records Takeover in Miami for Miami Music Week around 2014-2015 with Doctor P, Funtcase, Flux Pavilion, and Cookie Monsta. Some years later I really got into Bassnectar and then Tipper and completely fell in love with the scene and all kinds of EDM in general. I started naturally hearing and creating obscure sounds in my head and creating full on build-ups and bass drops inside my head and I knew if I learned how to produce I would be able to make something awesome. So right after high school I got FL Studio 11 on my laptop and started my journey.   Who are some of the early artists who caught your attention and at what point did that lead to you starting to experiment with your own sound?   Some artists who caught my attention early were Yheti, Space Jesus, Toadface, Tipper, Liquid Stranger, G Jones, Bleep Bloop—all those guys are true innovators and I was really drawn to their extremely unique, freeform, outside of the box style and sound design. My older music is very creatively messy and sounds like a mixture of all those guys, however I always knew that in order to go anywhere as an artist, you have to be original, so throughout that whole time I had been experimenting with finding my own style and sound while using their music as a reference to understand how they constructed a song.   Spirituality is a huge part of your vision as well. Do most interviews focus on your musical upbringing but what about your spiritual upbringing?   One of my best friend’s moms was basically my spiritual teacher all throughout high school. She is extremely bright and in tune and over the course of years, shared a plethora of knowledge with me and my whole friend group about manifesting, the law of attraction, quantum physics, laws of the universe, near-death experiences, frequencies, and vibrations.   Music is vibration, words are vibrations, thoughts are vibrations. These vibrations physically mold our reality and hold space and can morph and change, thus forming a whole new reality if done properly. Once I realized this, I understood that music is something that can be channeled from a higher power that can really help change or heal someone (because we are vibrational beings). Music also got me through my darkest times. I don’t know if I would be alive if I didn’t have music to help me through those times. I then realized if I created music with positive intentions and positive vibrations, it would literally change the vibration of humans and help heal the masses.   So now I’m here to help heal as many humans as possible and to achieve my long-term goal of helping to heal the entire world. Music is vibration, words are vibrations, thoughts are vibrations. These vibrations physically mold our reality and can morph and change, thus forming a whole new reality. Once I realized this, I understood that music is something that can be channeled from a higher power that can really help change or heal someone. It’s obvious that this worldview has not only influenced but seems to drive your output as an artist as well. Talk about your intention to “give listeners a one of a kind, mystical experience.” How does this translate into specific musical elements and the way that you’re crafting tunes? Most of the music I release is truly channeled through me from the cosmos. I hope I don’t sound crazy saying that. (Laughs) I use a lot of organic elements or sounds in my music, whether it’s nature sounds or self-recorded instruments or spoken words. People won’t always listen to your words if you speak, but for some reason, people really listen and pay attention to music so I’d rather just communicate my teachings, lessons, thoughts, and advice through my music. It seems to hit people way harder.   When a song is comprised of a powerful spoken message, extraterrestrial sounds, natural/organic atmospheres, and created from a place love and positive intent, it brings you into this headspace when you listen to it that is made up of all the components from that song. Those components come from all different kinds of dimensions and realms so when you immerse yourself in that song, you are now immersed in a one of a kind, mystical experience whether you realize it or not.   I also noticed that you plugged the project on your socials with the tag line: “A New Era Is Upon Us My Brothers And Sisters. The Time Is NOW.” Give us a sense of what that means and what kind of changes you’re thinking of when envisioning this new era. Is this a political/real-world evolution you’re thinking of or something more personal and deep, related to the inner work that each of us must work through in our lifetimes? At this very moment, this Earth and all of us humans who inhabit it are going through a consciousness shift. You asked if this shift was political/real world or an inner, personal shift—it is literally both. However, the TRUE shift happens when each person transforms their inner self to a more loving, more pure being of light. If everyone shifts themselves, we can all collectively shift the world and raise its overall vibration and evolve as a race. We currently live in a period of intense corruption and our governmental leaders are not taking the correct actions to restore humanity and full harmony to this planet. The answer is world peace and coexistence between all races and religions.   What does this personal shift call for?   To practice unconditional love for ourselves and every other living being. This new era is a real thing and is called the Age of Aquarius, and it began in 2012. It is vital for us all to come together, coexist, and help those in need and understand that we are all one. We are all part of the same consciousness. The perception that we are all separate beings is false. This is humanity’s biggest downfall. Once our political leaders can come to this understanding of mass unity then we can really shift things on a massive scale.   We’re assuming a grizzly bear is your spirit animal or at least what you envision yourself to be in other dimensions. What is it about the grizzly that attracts you and how do you see that translating into the mystical arts that you have become known for?Yes, I am a bear and embrace the bear spirit that is intertwined within my soul. Bears are shamanic healers. I am the healer and music is the natural ability that I have been gifted in this lifetime in order to share with the world.   Music, vibrations, and energy are extremely powerful. When working with these, you’re working with real magic, and magic is not to be taken lightly. There is dark magic and light magic. It’s vital we use our powers for Light. The mystical art of working with these energies is something we must be extremely careful with. Everyone has these powers and can tap into them at any time. For many years, I have been practicing taking my healing energies and healing powers and transmuting them into my music in order to positively impact others on a metaphysical/emotional level (which is usually where most of the real healing takes place).   Last but not least, let’s say we’re introducing your music to a friend who is uninitiated in the ways of the Mystic Grizzly. What words of advice should we give them when we’re trying to tell them what to expect and how it may just change their life? My biggest advice to them is to embrace the unknown and try something new and be open it. You never know what kind of beauty and surprises lay beyond your comfort zone. It very well may change your life. Also keeping an open mind is vital. There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating art. Not everyone will resonate with your art and that’s totally fine. Sometimes my music is too weird for people, but with an open mind, you will be able to at least appreciate it and be receptive to it, and that’s what counts. With that in mind, I would like to thank the entire Bassrush/Insomniac team for allowing me to share my music on this large-scale platform. You guys are helping me achieve my long-term goals.     ” - Chris Muniz


  MYSTIC GRIZZLY JOINS MADISON HOUSE Mystic Grizzly, AKA Jordan Hoffman is an instrument forward Producer/DJ from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He has been a guitar player for 10+ years and has also played/studied harmonica, ukulele , and the drums. Having been in several bands throughout his lifetime Jordan has combined all of his knowledge and experience together to manifest his own style of experimental left field bass music. Specializing in raunchy psychedelic grime, psy-bass, glitch hop, and tribal world music beats. Understanding the true spiritual effect and impact music has on humans and on life in general, Jordan has shifted his intention to LOVE and crafts his sound’s and song’s to give his listener’s a one of a kind, mystical experience.#MANIFESTGANG”

Madison House